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What We Do


Business Analysis

Successful product development requires expert-level knowledge.

We make it our priority to learn all we can about your customers,

products, and business to help your product achieve its max potential.

Our most common Business Analysis services include:

  • collecting end-user feedback

  • documenting feature requests

  • identifying technical and process improvements

  • creating current/future-state process maps

  • writing technical specs and business requirements

  • guiding development teams through releases

  • testing the product and release versions 

Technical Writing

A product and its features are only successful if users, well, use them.

In certain fields, proper use is a matter of safety and life.

We become experts on your business and end-users

to develop content that not only promotes your products

but focuses on supporting the people who use them.

Our most common Technical Writing projects include:

  • business and technical requirements

  • user guides

  • online help

  • support articles

  • product or feature videos

  • training modules

  • website content

  • marketing materials

  • user stories and personas

  • user acceptance tests

  • wireframes and prototypes

  • technology blogs

  • press releases

  • product demos 


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is key for startups to focus on what matters most

to potential customers and to hone the product vision.

For well-established organizations, Strategic Planning serves as a

regular well-check with customers and the business--

and gets the train back on track for Development.

Our most common Strategic Planning services include:

  • using surveys to collect user, stakeholder, and community feedback

  • facilitating strategic planning sessions

  • helping you define your mission, vision, values, and goals


    mapping current/future-state processes

  • collecting, analyzing and reporting data

  • creating a road map based on the strategic plan 

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